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Pretzel Club Registration 2013

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Auntie Anne’s History

Auntie Anne’s was established by Mrs. Anne Beiler in Pennsylvania, United States. And it was

brought into Thailand by Central Restaurant Group Co.,Ltd in April, 1998 at Central Lad Prao. At the present time, Auntie Anne’s is the leader of soft pretzel in Thailand with the idea “Uniquely Delicious” which has a goal to get the highest satisfaction from the customer by secret pretzel recipe – fresh, hot, and golden-brown soft pretzels. And the pretzels can be served in 30 minutes. Nowadays Auntie Anne’s has more than 85 branches just only in Thailand.

                Auntie Anne’s is considering on the need of the customer and research the customers behavior continuously. We impress the variety products’ strategy which can give more chances to the customers to choose. In 2009, Auntie Anne’s released 9 menus in the theme “Heavenly Delicious at Auntie Anne’s” which got highly appreciated, especially the light meal menu. Moreover, Auntie Anne’s Thailand executed all-around marketing strategies and communicated to the customers via all entire marketing tools (IMC) which resulted in 4 honor awards from Auntie Anne’s Inc, United States as follows:

  • Brand Excellence Award
  • Pretzel Perfect Store Award
  • Pretzel Perfect Leadership Award
  • Pretzel Quest Celebrity Chef Award

In 2010, Auntie Anne’s is operating the strategies with the variety of products. We have

been releasing the several new products in a row and communicating to the customers in various ways to cover all the marketing mix, and the customers can perceive all the information. They can enjoy with Auntie Anne’s in the theme “Auntie Anne’s All Day Delicious”.

                Moreover, the customer relationship management is brought to be the priority strategy by using members system “Pretzel Club” which was created in 2003. And in 2006, Auntie Anne’s was debut the website www.pretzelclub.comand the Pretzel Club Line 0-2233-1166 is another way to communicate with the members and make the great satisfaction.